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Why Pheromones Don't Work (Save Your Money!!!)

By Staff

Do you want to attract women "as seen on mtv?'

Become the desire of the opposite sex. Unfair advantage guaranteed.

Attract the opposite sex now.

If you've seen those lines above, chances are you're browsing on websites or magazine ads that offer pheromone products.

So you ask, do pheromone products work?

What are pheromone products? Or first things first, what is pheromone?

If you've been dozing on old Mrs. Bradley's biology class in high school, you would not have heard of this chemical substance found in insects, animals and humans that was defined to serve as a stimulus to other individuals of the same species that serves for one or more behavioral responses. Pheromones can be detected through the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO) in the nose - the distinct sensory apparatus that detects these chemicals for humans.

From this said wondrous chemical substance, various products have been developed and emerged to produce yet the "alpha male and female", "bad boy", "confident man", "Don Quixote", etc. These pheromone products are marketed as perfume (the most common), oils, deodorants, condoms, and the like.

So back to the nagging question, "do pheromones work?"

Will these products really make people unfailingly attractive to the opposite sex? Will it make a woman hook up with the man of her dreams with just a snap of a finger? Make a man confident and make women swarm over him like he's some hot cake?

Apart from the personal testimonials of individuals who have used these products found only on the webpages of these companies or in their advertisements in newspapers and magazines, the answer is NO, pheromones DON'T work.

There is no question about the existence of pheromones and how the VNO of the nose can detect these but pheromones don't work nor does it have the same effect the way these companies market their products as having abrupt and dramatic results.

According to Martha K. McClintock, pheromones researcher and biophysicist in the University of Chicago (UC), pheromones don't work the way they are advertised or claimed in ads. She said that pheromones don't work to make a person suddenly turn on the sidewalk and follow somebody's perfume trail and that, pheromones don't work to make a person stand there dumbstruck, unable to move--as they do, in effect, in animals and insects.

But, Ms. McClintock also added, “It may be the case that the pheromones don't work that way but they definitely do have an effect on the emotional state of people. Pheromones don't work directly, but they may possibly modulate how we feel and influence our moods."

Most pheromone product websites put the links of CNN, BBC and this UC article among others in their website to prove their claim. But, opening and reading these websites will verify that pheromones don't work the way they are commonly claimed and advertised. If you bother to read all of them, you will learn that researchers and scientists admit that there are still many questions about pheromones that are needed to be answered and researched on.

Aside from all of these, other researches such as the one cited in Christy Brownlee's article, "Those in Fabulous Pheromones" in Planned Parenthood Federation of America state the following three reasons why pheromones don't work.

"First, pheromones cover the natural pheromones designed to make us attractive. Humans may not respond to pheromones as strongly as other animals do. Many of our old instincts have declined, and pheromones don't work as primary in the way we communicate sexual interest as they are in dogs, for example, who are all about scent.

Secondly, the amount of pheromones your body makes also happens to be as much as the VNO can handle! Any extra pheromones don't work and will not work even when it gets inside that said apparatus that detects them.

Finally, people choose who they date based on many different reasons - not just "odorific" attraction. Factors like personality, values, intelligence, appearance, and common sense and a combination of those seem as important to people as their pheromones." And this very reason alone attests that pheromones don't work solely to determine attraction.

So, next time you want to attract women "as seen on mtv", save your cash. Take in mind that pheromones don't work exclusively to make you attractive and pheromones don't work to make you a singer. Rather, invest that cash on voice lessons and a good publicity image.


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