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How To Tease Women

By Staff

Many of us men have experienced being teased by women sexually and it is so frustrating. Just because men are ideally the one in pursuit, women have taken the role of being the teasers. Remember that time, you were in a bar, she was looking seductively at you, everytime she’d have a sip of her drink she’d lick her lips seductively while looking at you. There you were, thanking your lucky stars, you muster up all your courage then you stand up, you go over and introduce yourself and she ignores you then all her friends laugh. It is so infuriating.

Convinced? Ok, remember the time when your girlfriend called you up on her sexiest voice, told you to bring over some wine, because she has something to show you. Images are running through your head as you raced over wine in hand. Then she opens up the door, she’s wearing her teddies, you take that big gulp and your sweat is dropping on your face. She lets you come in then seats you on the couch then she takes out a movie and then for the next two hours you endure excruciating Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan drama flick then she just sends you home after.

Well guys its payback time. Its time women felt how it is to be in the receiving end of the teasing. The thing is, not many guys have the guts to do this. Well if your not Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise, teasing should be done when you’re in the relationship already, or if you feel you have made a great first impression and has great chemistry. Teasing your woman could be fun; you could make a game out of it, if you don’t know how then here are some basic tips and scenarios for you.

Don’t make yourself too available, play a little game of hide and seek with her, give her the pleasure of missing you. Plan a little weekend hideaway. Make hints on how you have something planned and insert some naughty suggestions, make her think that she’s coming along but be very subtle with your hints. Then just simply disappear for a weekend or for the night.

When you’re feeling a bit naughty. Look her in the eyes, talk to her in an audible whisper. Loom over your woman and never lose eye contact. Be a bit dominating, let her feel your testosterone overload, tell her what you want to do to her, say some little dirty deeds, just keep on talking about how you are going to pleasure her without batting an eye and never losing eye contact. While doing so, slowly lower your face, going for the kiss, when mere centimeters from the kill, pull up and smile. Then after that simply go away.

It is essential that you are in control at all times but remember, the focus is on her. The more you show her that you are in control and know how to handle yourself, the more she will be open to new ideas and the more she will become vulnerable. Use this to your advantage. But remember guys, teasing is mainly a woman’s territory, use teasing as a way to spice up your relationship. Do it only sparingly or she may get annoyed and leave you. In any case, you should have some fun on how to tease women.

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Copyrighted by, All rights reserved, 2005