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How To Be A Challenge To Women

By Staff

As a hard and fast rule, men make the first move, there are quite a number of aggressive women out there but it seems a handful only of men gets to benefit from these. Most men have to learn to fend for themselves. If they don’t play their cards right they may have to scrape the bottom of the barrel. Getting into the dating scene is not as easy as it seems to some men, but if you learn a couple of trade secrets you may just have the ace up in your sleeve that may help you.

Sometimes women play out as long as they can men. They know men are quite interested; heck some men only have women in their minds. Women don’t have that problem, especially if they’re extra nice looking. They have got men at their beck and call. But that’s just it some women don’t like patsies. They want men that are in control, manly man, man that have confidence in their selves, someone who doesn’t put them in a pedestal but still treats them right, they want a challenge. You can be that man. Here I offer you some fundamental guides on how be a challenge to women.

If its an especially attractive woman you want, you have to realize that she has probably had a lot ox experience with men wooing her. She probably has heard a lot of lines and dating styles. Most of these men have probably acted as her foot soldiers answering to every whim she has. When you are a part of those majority, there is a good sign she won’t like it and see it as a sign of weakness or lack of confidence; Remember, the more you want something and you can’t have it, the more you strive to get it. If you can get something too easily, you may get bored with it. Be that unattainable something to her. Especially if you have made a good first impression on her, if you haven’t, then forget it.

Create a challenge for her, don’t be too accessible, make yourself important in her eyes, make excuses and keep her waiting, but not for too long or she might just get bored with you. Or worse, someone might beat you to her. When you create a challenge, a woman might start to thinking, you engage her thoughts and emotions. Most women would rather go for someone who’s important, someone who has great priorities other than bugging and buzzing around them all too often.

Give a little bit of yourself only everytime. Don’t go all out just yet, if you shower her with your affection and attention, she will just get bored with you and since she knows you’ll just be there all the time she may take you for granted. Just show her a good time then lean back, she’ll just be begging for more.

Give her a chance to miss you. The anticipation alone of meeting you again will make the date much more exciting. She’ll be so eager that the whole night you can just relax. If you call all the time and check up on her, she’ll think you have nothing else better to do projecting an image of you being boring.

Be very unpredictable. If she can’t set her watch on your activities then that’s good, that means you’re an exciting person that goes on impulses and your adventurous and brave. You will always keep your woman guessing which is good, because you will always be on her mind. Learn how to be a challenge to your woman and you will see that she will be the one calling you, just don’t over do it.

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